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October 04 2014

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Me running away from reality.

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OutKast: Hey Ya! - Live Loop (French Horn Cover)
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I applaud the person who made this gif. It doesn’t skip back it flows, Omg I just can’t. 

yeah wtf this is the best gif ever

A perfect gif :o

Seamless gif

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Source For more posts like this, follow the Ultrafacts Blog!

otters are literally the cutest things in the world

i was expecting benedict cumberbatch

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"So he picked up the leaves and laid one of them on the mouth of his dead wife, and the two others on her eyes. And hardly had he done this than the blood stirred in her veins, rose into her pale face, and colored it again. Then she drew breath, opened her eyes, and asked, ‘Ah, God, where am I?’

'You are with me, dear wife,' he answered, and told her how everything had happened, and how he had brought her back again to life… But a change had taken place in her. After she had been restored to life, it seemed as if all love for her husband had gone out of her heart.”

— excerpt from “The Three Snake-Leaves” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

skirt, rose corsage: Victorian Maiden

necklace: Alice and the Pirates

parasol: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

rose bow: h.Naoto FRILL

blouse, corset: thrift shop finds

bonnet: handmade

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after reblogging this i opened up a card my great aunt gave me it has money in it

It could be a complete coincidence but I reblogged this yesterday and toda I fouund $40 at the fruit maket

Eh,why not

#this is dumb#but i’m desperate

when you got nothing you got nothing to lose

I got a job after reblogging this !

Just got a job

im such a sucker for these things 

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We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken
And times are forever frozen still
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A real statue in Holland. Although it is a statue of Father Christmas, locals will call it butt plug gnome.

god bless butt plug gnome

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